What exactly is a Preview Edition board game?

This Preview Edition is a high-quality prototype of SHAKE IT UP! Dice Poker that is complete in design and functionality but does not have the final touches that a mass-produced copy will have.  In our case, such final touches would include custom-made dice cups, newly manufactured dice, and a traditional lidded game box. 

Each game set has been carefully assembled by the helping hands of our team’s extended families, repurposing existing inventory to reduce waste and get a game in your hands sooner than later!  We do not yet have a production date set for the final retail version.

This Preview Edition is made with on-hand dice inventory from Carmelyn Calvert’s original “Square Shooters” game, using high quality WILD stickers to cover the original brand logos that were printed on the dice.  We are satisfied that this label offers an excellent visual appearance, and we guarantee your satisfaction by pledging to fully refund your purchase if you return your unused game set.

How many players does the game support?

Each SHAKE IT UP! Dice Poker game is optimized to accommodate 2-6 players.

What is the intended age range for the SHAKE IT UP! Dice Poker board game?

Ages 8 and up!

How long does the game take to learn?

It’s easy to learn as you play! You don’t need to know poker – you just need to learn the different hands which are clearly explained. A 5-minute read of the instructions will have you ready-to-roll. There are also handy images to easily reference as you play.

Is the SHAKE IT UP! Dice Poker board game available in any additional languages besides English?

SHAKE IT UP! Dice Poker is currently only printed in English.

What's in the box?!

  • The Nine Patented SHAKE IT UP! Dice
  • 18 Power Up Cards
  • Dice Cup
  • Scorepad
  • Instructions

How do the dice work?

Nine dice have 54 total surfaces: just right for a full deck of 52 playing cards plus 2 jokers. The cards are arranged in a patented design so players can roll the key hands for poker, rummy, and all the classic card games: Every 4-of-a-kind, Straight Flush, and Royal Flush.

How do the WILD dice work?

WILD dice can be used to complete any hand assignment. There are 2 WILD dice in the deck, and they will automatically be used as the highest possible value to complete your hand.

I don't know poker hands, can I still enjoy the game?!

ABSOLUTELY! Refer to our handy-dandy playing-hand chart (included on instruction sheet) for reference at any time during game-play. The ‘easy to learn’ description of game-play refers to the fact that it is ALWAYS OK to use this guide for reference (match the best version of assigned hand to dice rolled), while the ‘difficult to master’ description refers to the fact that as you become more familiar with our dice; you can make savvier decisions with dice-holds, re-rolls and power-up usage!

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping charges and expected delivery dates are displayed on the checkout page at the time of your order. This information is also provided in your order confirmation email.

We package and ship your order within 1-2 business days upon receipt once credit card authorization and verification has been established. Based on our warehouse location and your shipping address, we determine the most efficient shipping carrier for your order. The carriers that may be used include, the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) and United Parcel Service (UPS).

Do you offer International shipping?

At this time, Burning River Games, LLC does not offer International shipping of the SHAKE IT UP! Dice Poker board game, but please check back as we plan to be updating to include delivery outside of the United States soon!