A Patented Deck of Dice!

At the heart of SHAKE IT UP! Dice Poker are 9 very special dice. The dice have 54 total surfaces: just right for a full deck of 52 playing cards plus 2 WILDS. The cards are arranged in a patented design so that every 4-of-a-kind, Straight Flush, and Royal Flush is achievable.

  • Using these dice you can now ROLL for authentic poker hands!
  • It’s 350x easier to win than using traditional playing cards
All 9 SHAKE IT UP! Dice

An Overdue Invention

Carmelyn Calvert, Inventor 1956 - 2015

Dice have been around for more than 6,000 years, and playing cards for nearly 1,000 years! They're the foundation of so many games that we know and love.

Carmelyn Calvert had the idea to combine these two game systems into one, but she knew that a special arrangement of the cards on the dice was necessary so all the key hands for Poker, Rummy, and other card games could be rolled.

She figured out the arrangement in one night, creating the World's First Deck of
Dice! Carmelyn lived to see her patent issued, and the team at DECK of DICE Gaming is working hard to honor her legacy by bringing her dice to life through a variety of exciting games.

Burning River Games, LLC

Burning River Games is the maker of SHAKE IT UP! Dice Poker – The Board Game. We are based in Cleveland, Ohio. We are not directly affiliated with Deck of Dice Gaming, Inc. – the maker of the SHAKE IT UP! Dice mobile game -- but the two companies share a few of the same owners. You can learn more about Deck of Dice Gaming, Inc. and its mobile game at www.shakeitupdice.com.